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How to Join The SEO Library SirsiDynix Consortium

  1. SEO Director and staff meet to discuss the details of migration services with the interested Library Director, and if requested, the Board of Trustees. To request information, contact Dianna Clark, SEO Director, at 1-877-552-4262 or
  2. To determine the onetime costs for the migration services, Symphony license and system profiling the library must then contact SirsiDynix for a quote on the cost of such services. Contact Kim Chambers at 1-800-288-8020 ext 5612.
  3. Libraries interested in joining the SEO Consortium will then supply access to their bibliographic marc records for review by the SEO Catalog Librarian. Libraries with marc records containing the OCLC # in the correct field may have the option to migrate their data.  All libraries without the proper match point will link their holdings to existing SEO MARC records in the shared database. Other options are also being explored to allow for a bibliographic enhancement to be completed on the migrating library’s database at the library’s expense.
  4. SEO will provide a cost fact sheet containing their services provided with pricing. At which time a method for migration will be determined based on requirements, costs and best method for an accurate migration.
  5. Once an agreement is in place the Library staff will meet with SEO staff and a SirsiDynix data migration team to begin the profiling information for adding their data to the SEO database. An implementation timeline will be provided to all parties by the SirsiDynix implementation team with  dates and responsibilities.
  6. The library is encouraged by SEO to begin visiting other SEO libraries in their area for some basic training at the circulation desk using the Symphony software. This has been the practice of the SEO Library Center and membership and has been very successful. Libraries may also purchase onsite or online circulation training from SirsiDynix.
  7. The library ‘Go Live’ date will have been established and the library will begin circulation within their system only for a period of 4-6 weeks before their items become available to the entire consortium.

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