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Symphony Services Uptime Report

The uptime percentage is based on 12 months of data.

The services are monitored at 5 minute intervals.

Please click the refresh button to get the most recent status.

Status Monitor Name Uptime
up BLUEcloud Analytics 99.941 %
up Directors Station 99.995 %
up Enterprise 99.051 %
up SEO Email Service 99.962 %
up SEO Internet Gateway (VPN)** 99.969 %
up Symphony Cloud Services ** 99.879 %
Updated at 10:25 pm

  • **SEO Internet Gateway (VPN)monitors Internet connectivity at the SEO Library Center. If down, libraries will not be able to use “” as the IP Address in the WorkFlows client. SEO will send instructions via the SEOLIB listserv on how to connect to WorkFlows in this event
  • **Symphony Cloud Servicesmonitors SirsiDynix Cloud environment. If down, libraries will not be able to access WorkFlows or use any SIP2 services (e.g. PC Reservation, Self-Check, OverDrive).

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