The SEO Service Center staff are dedicated to serving ALL of your library’s needs.


  • Editing, maintaining and improving the content of bibliographic records in the consortium catalog
  • Assisting member library staff with issues pertaining to cataloging materials including magazines in the Symphony WorkFlows client
  • Loading CatExpress bibliographic records saved by member libraries into the consortium catalog
  • Transferring items between bibliographic records in the consortium catalog
  • Merging duplicate bibliographic records in the consortium catalog
  • Communicating information to member library staff via the SEO-CAT listserv
  • Responding to cataloging inquiries via phone, fax, email and the SEO ticket system

The Cataloging staff provides assistance to consortium member libraries regarding all cataloging-related matters. We actively seek to maintain high quality bibliographic records in the SEO catalog to ensure accurate descriptive content for member library catalogers as well as users.


We are not currently scheduling due to COVID-19.  

For questions on equipment or scheduling, please contact Paula Clark at 1-877-552-4262 or email at

SEO houses a digitization lab and is available to assist libraries and non-profit organizations with their digitization initiatives. Although SEO does not scan materials for other institutions, we do provide training for those who would like their libraries to digitize and preserve collections using our equipment.

SEO DigiHub staff will provide free training to library staff, schools, and non-profit organizations that reside in Ohio during our regular business hours. We will supply a private location with no distractions, wireless internet access, digitization equipment, and attached computer to view and crop images, calibration sheet to help with glare, gloves, and necessary materials needed to scan items. Digitization equipment can save scans in a searchable PDF format.

User-friendly features include:

  • Automatic color compensation
  • Format recognition
  • Page separation
  • 18″ x 28″ scan area
  • High precision lens with a built-in book cradle and glass cover

Interlibrary Loan

SEO offers interlibrary loan service (ILL) through OCLC WorldShare.  The ILL staff can assist with title, subject, and periodical requests. Through ILL, library users have access to materials in public libraries, college and university libraries, and other libraries throughout Ohio and the country. For more information about interlibrary loan services, read the FAQ on the support site.


Please visit our support site to get all your questions answered regarding our ILL service.

ILL Forms

Visit our ILL request forms to submit a title, subject, or periodical request.

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) staff are responsible for ensuring all of your Symphony applications, clients, and services are performing optimally. The SEO IT staff maintains the servers providing the core Symphony functionality and related services to our consortium members.

SEO IT will implement your Enterprise online catalog and provide a customized look and feel for your individual library system and branch locations.  

SEO IT staff troubleshoot both device and digital content concerns on a daily basis and work directly with your library users to resolve the problem.  If we are unable to provide a solution, we then contact OverDrive directly on your library user’s behalf.

We also happily support Symphony WorkFlows installations and will work directly with you and your IT staff to make sure everything goes smoothly. If desired, we can even access your workstation remotely via our Splashtop software.

  • Digital Content Troubleshooting
  • Email Service (
  • Enterprise (online catalog)
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Library Apps 
  • PayPal Payment Setup
  • Receipt Printer Configuration
  • SIP2 Authentication
  • Symphony WorkFlows Installation

Library Management

The Library Management System (LMS) Support staff will gladly assist you in working with the Symphony WorkFlows client.  We set up, add, change, and collect information about your library’s policies and privileges in order to provide you with an optimal experience during your workday.  Our staff will troubleshoot problems within the software, walk you through tasks, and help you understand how the software works.

We also support BLUEcloud Analytics, which is used as the primary statistical reporting software for SEO members. We offer assistance and also one-on-one WebEx training on BLUEcloud Analytics.

We provide services to member, non-member libraries, and correctional institutions in regards to materials check-out, user registration, and managing holds.  We are happy to assist you with questions regarding circulation.

  • AccuCut and Ellison Dies
  • Assist with holds
  • Auto-Renewal
  • BLUEcloud Analytics
  • Calendars & Closed Days
  • Circulation Privileges
  • Circulation Slips
  • Deleting Patron Blocks
  • Electronic Resource Cards
  • Loan Periods
  • Notices
  • Requests
  • User Profiles


The SEO Training Service Area is dedicated and committed to providing new and refresher training for member staff.

We can create customized curriculum for your staff. These services are available via phone, webinar, onsite, regional training sessions or at the F. Ward Murrey Training facility located next to the SEO Service Center.

Contact the Training Service Area if you need new staff training, staff development, Symphony training, Enterprise training, or any documentation.

Training Videos

Online Catalog & Staff Training

Ward Murrey Annex Training Facility

SEO Service Center, located in Caldwell, Ohio, has available at no cost to any state agency and Ohio library group a computer lab. For more information or to schedule the training lab, please contact the SEO Service Center at 877-552-4262 or

The annex has 14 user computers running Windows 10, 1 teacher station with LCD projection, sound and a network printer.  Various software such as Microsoft Office on all computers.  Custom software can be downloaded for any training needs.