The Cataloging staff provides assistance to consortium member libraries regarding all cataloging-related matters. We actively seek to maintain high quality bibliographic records in the SEO catalog to ensure accurate descriptive content for member library catalogers as well as users.

The Cataloging staff supports the following:

  • Editing, maintaining and improving the content of bibliographic records in the consortium catalog
  • Adding items to the collection housed in the SEO building
  • Assisting member library staff with issues pertaining to cataloging materials including magazines in the Symphony WorkFlows client
  • Loading CatExpress bibliographic records saved by member libraries into the consortium catalog
  • Transferring items between bibliographic records in the consortium catalog
  • Merging duplicate bibliographic records in the consortium catalog
  • Communicating information to member library staff via the seocat and seomag listservs
  • Responding to cataloging inquiries via phone, fax, email and the SEO ticket system

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