SEO offers interlibrary loan service (ILL) through OCLC only after an unsuccessful search of local and regional sources. This includes the library database and also the Enterprise online catalog, which can be accessed at: Member Catalogs

We do order audiovisual materials. However, due to the high demand and the unfilled rate, we ask that if your request is unfilled that you wait at least four weeks before resubmitting your request.

We will not order through OCLC items that are already on the library system, unless the only copy is in lost, bindery or mending. If multiple copies of a title are needed for groups, then we will order “no cost”(no OCLC ILL Fee cost) items to fill requests, if available.

If anyone is unfamiliar with searching the library database or online catalogs, call the SEO Library Center and ask for the ILL staff. The ILL staff will be happy to assist you. Requests are to be made on our ILL Request Forms. In the forms, you will see that we require the borrowing library to provide us with an email address and contact person.

SEO will email an OCLC pending report to you, the borrowing library, for your records when the material is ordered.

Messages to be aware of on the original request (ticket) or on the pending report:


  • not available at this time
  • no lenders at this time
  • no lenders in the U.S. at this time
  • not on OCLC at this time

You, the borrowing library, will notify SEO immediately with the request identifier number, which is located in the upper left corner of the pending report, when:

  1. The material is received
  2. When the material is returned to the lending library
  3. Should a customer request a renewal
  4. If you receive a usage bill from the lending library

If you receive material or a pending report and have no original request, call SEO immediately.

The borrowing library is responsible for the loaned material until it is physically returned to the lending library. According to ALA borrowing standards for out-of-state libraries you are responsible for the material while it is in transit to you, so if an item is not received you may be charged for lost material. Do not return OCLC materials to SEO, send them back directly to the lending library at your cost.

If OCLC materials are lost or have accrued a fine, it is up to the borrowing library to take care of the cost with the lending library. SEO does not pay these charges and no longer acts as mediator between lending and borrowing libraries.

Please take note of the following features that are on the pending report:

  1. The request identifier number is in the upper left corner and is vital in assisting SEO in updating the OCLC record.
  2. The author and title of the requested book are located beneath “Request Details”.
  3. Your library name is located on the “ship to” line.

Contact numbers:

Voice: 877-552-4262 or 740-783-5705

Fax: 800-446-4804 or 740-783-3203