The Information Technology (IT) staff is responsible for ensuring all of your Symphony applications/clients/services are performing optimally. The SEO IT staff maintains more than 20 servers running a variety of operating systems and database technologies that provide the core Symphony functionality and related services to our consortium members. The staff also supports local equipment including workstations, laptops, tablets, eReaders, printers, copiers, scanners, microfiche readers, fax machines, projectors, and sound equipment that enables SEO staff to support the consortium’s needs and provide training.

SEO IT will implement your Enterprise online catalog and provide a customized look and feel for your individual library and branch locations.  We manage the site layout, room creation, search facets, pickup locations, online payment configuration, and much more. SEO IT can also assist you in locking down your public access terminals so you have complete control on what your users are browsing.

Have PC Reservation or Self-Check modules at your library?  No problem, SEO IT will work with you every step of the way to get your SIP2 supported service authenticated with our server.  Your library will be given a specific port, username, and password associated with your specific SIP2 implementation. Other SIP2 services include OLS:MORE, Freegal Music, Hoopla, and the SEO digital catalog powered by OverDrive.

With over a hundred different eBook readers, tablets, and smartphones, the SEO IT staff knows how complicated and confusing it can be for your library staff and users to reliably access digital content. We troubleshoot both device and digital content concerns on a daily basis and work directly with your library users to resolve the problem. If we are unable to provide a solution, we then contact OverDrive directly on your library user’s behalf.

We also happily support Symphony WorkFlows installations and will work directly with you and your IT staff to make sure everything goes smoothly. If desired, we can even access your workstation remotely via WebEx and do the install. Once installed, we verify connectivity from your WorkFlows client to our Symphony server to confirm there is nothing residing on your network that could interfere or hinder the connection. Now that you’re connected, SEO IT will assist you in setting up your receipt printer and the LMS staff will configure your receipt fields to your specification.

Have technical issues? The SEO IT staff supports the following:

  • Digital Content Troubleshooting (audiobook, eBook, etc…)
  • Email Service (
  • Enterprise (online catalog)
  • Equipment recommendations
  • HotKey Setup (for WorkFlows)
  • Library Apps (BookMyne, MobileCirc, Social Library)
  • PayPal Payment Setup (online payment in general)
  • Receipt Printer
  • SIP2 authentication
  • Symphony WorkFlows installation
  • System/Server outages
  • Terminal Services (bookmobile access)