1. SEO Director and staff meet to discuss the details of migration services with the interested Library Director, and if requested, the Board of Trustees. To request information, contact John Stewart, at 1-877-552-4262 or jstewart@library.ohio.gov
  2. To determine the onetime costs for the migration services, Symphony license and system profiling, SEO will contact SirsiDynix for a non-binding budgetary quote on the cost of such services.
  3. SEO will provide a cost fact sheet containing their services provided with pricing.
  4. Libraries interested in joining the SEO Consortium will then supply access to their bibliographic marc records for review by the SEO staff. Libraries with marc records containing the OCLC # will migrate. Additional numeric fields will also be considered when matching records to the SEO database such as ISBN, LCCN and UPC.
  5. Once an agreement is in place the Library staff will meet with SEO staff and a SirsiDynix data migration team to begin the profiling information for adding their data to the SEO database. An implementation timeline will be provided to all parties by the SirsiDynix implementation team with dates and responsibilities.
  6. With the timeline in place, the SEO Trainer will begin coordinating with the Library the training to be provided in various stages.
  7. The library ‘Go Live’ date will have been established and the library will begin circulation within their system only for a period of 4-6 weeks before their items become available to the entire consortium.