3D Printer Troubleshooting for Library Staff

So your library plans or has purchased a 3D Printer. This course is designed to teach everyone the 3D printing process so that in the event of an issue, your staff will be able to handle 3D printing questions. For example; loading/unloading filament, known error messages, and when to use/not use rafts. The library staff will be ready for these type of questions.
• 3D printer will be brought and set up on location.

3D Printing for Library Patrons

We have heard about 3D printers but many of us have not gotten the opportunity to sit down and see one in action. We will discuss how 3D Printers are changing the world and how they are effecting different industries. We will briefly discuss how objects are created and where you can find premade objects as well (e.g. ThingiVerse).
• 3D printer will be brought and set up on location.

3D Printer Introduction

This course focuses on how 3D printers are effecting people now as well as what we see for the future. This course will walk you through how to obtain free files to print, cost for 3D printed items (filament and extruder costs), free design software options, as well as investing in a 3D printer actual costs.
• 3D printer will be brought and set up on location.
• Recommended for libraries that are interesting in 3D printers, but don’t know the benefits or costs associated with them.

Cloud Computing

This course focuses on introduction to cloud computing to help develop the conceptual understanding of cloud technology. We will then define Cloud computing using historical examples of where we came from the last tier of Information resolution in Fog Computing. Discuss and define (SaaS) (IaaS) (Paas). Why SIP is crucial for all the services as it applies to library services. Then we will look at OverDrive streaming video as it directly applies to cloud computing.

Cyber Security

This course focuses on the introduction to security threats and will help develop an active understanding of what to do look for when determining if you are being exposed to an attack.  We will define terms such as Vishing, Malware, and Ransomware and look at examples of how you have been exposed to this already and how to improve the safety of the environment we work in.

Device Audiobooks and eBooks (iPad or Android)

This course presents an overview of eBooks and audiobooks. Topics include: installing the OverDrive Media Console app, creating an Adobe ID, and authorizing your device for EPUB titles. In the audiobooks side; the course will cover initial setup, individual library setup, search filtering, downloading of Audiobooks, and the built-in functionality of the OverDrive audio player using a step-by-step walkthrough approach for users.

Libby Introduction – OverDrive’s New App for Audiobooks and eBooks 

This course focuses on the new free Libby app provided by OverDrive.  This app is the easiest way to get started with digital books, audiobooks, and magazines from your public library. Libby is available for Android, iOS, Windows 10, and some Chromebooks.  This course will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for users.

Microsoft Excel 2016 (1 or 4 hour class available)

Learn Microsoft Excel with hands-on training.  This Microsoft Excel course will teach you how to do calculations in Excel, understand the 4 most commonly used formulas, data types,  sort data, format the sheet for printing, and much more.  The 4 hour class allows time for hands on activities that develop the confidence for people to hit the ground running.  More advanced features such as conditional formatting, charts, delimiters and more.

Microsoft OneNote

Learn Microsoft OneNote with hands-on training. Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook application for capturing, storing, and sharing all kinds of information. You will learn how to embed videos, take notes from the web, capture images, and more. You will also discover OneNotes’s cloud integration that you can take your notes and information wherever you go on nearly any mobile device, tablet, or browser.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

Learn more about Outlook.  This course will briefly introduce you to setting up an account, differences between POP3 and IMAP services.  We will then focus on using Outlook features that go beyond simply sending email.  We will focus on setting up a calendar, creating meetings, scheduling important tasks, categorizing tasks, setting up folder rules, and much more. Outlook is now available for use on nearly all mobile devices, tablets, or browser.

Microsoft Windows 10 (10 laptops provided)

This course offers an overview of Windows 10; including a walkthrough of the all new start menu, new features, hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts), and much more. The course will also allow hands-on-time on the supplied Windows 10 workstations equipped with touch screen monitors. Don’t worry, the instructor will move around and assist you in a one-on-one environment.

Microsoft Word 2016

Learn Microsoft Word with hands-on training. This Microsoft Word course reviews, Ribbons, the ruler, table of contents creation, inserting pictures and clipart and much more.

Troubleshooting Devices

This course offers an in-depth approach to troubleshooting common user and device problems associated with your digital content. This could include downloading, installing, playing, transferring, and much more. The course will also help staff assist users by gathering the “right” information from the user to help solve their problem.

Troubleshooting User Devices

Users are welcome to bring their devices in and we will use this time to fix any issues the users are experiencing with the device.