About the SEO DigiHub

SEO houses a digitization lab and is available to assist libraries and non-profit organizations with their digitization initiatives. Although SEO does not scan materials for other institutions, we do provide training for those who would like their libraries to digitize and preserve collections using our equipment.

SEO DigiHub

SEO DigiHub staff will provide free training to library staff, schools, and non-profit organizations that reside in Ohio during our regular business hours. We will supply a private location with no distractions, wireless internet access, digitization equipment, and attached computer to view and crop images, calibration sheet to help with glare, gloves, and necessary materials needed to scan items. Digitization equipment can save scans in a searchable PDF format.

User-friendly features include:

  • Automatic color compensation
  • Format recognition
  • Page separation
  • 18″ x 28″ scan area
  • High precision lens with a built-in book cradle and glass cover

We are currently scheduling for January – December. Dates are limited, so please schedule as soon as possible by using our event registration on the right. Other dates and times may be available upon request.

For questions on equipment or scheduling, please contact Paula Clark at 1-877-552-4262 or email at pclark@library.ohio.gov.