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Fake Email Claiming to be from SEO

We have received several reports of email hacking attempts that have been sent out to our users.

The bogus email claims to have a voice message from SEO that it asks the user to listen to by clicking a link.


Please DO NOT click on the link “LISTEN NOW”.

Most of you realize that the link is a virus that will attempt to take control of the users system.

If you did click on the “listen now” link and believe your computer system may have been compromised, scan your computer system with an antivirus program.

If you believe your email account may have been compromised, please change your email password.

These fraudulent emails are sent out in mass in an attempt to hack / take over users computers or email accounts.

This type of hacking is called ( Phishing ) and when the hack attempts are specific to a group such as , this is called ( Spear Phishing ).

Note: any email coming from SEO will come from IT or it will come from one of our personal email accounts

Should you have any questions, please email us or call

Copy of the fraudulent hack email below with some notes: