Enterprise Preferred Sort Issue Discovered Post Upgrade

Greetings SEO Members, After the upgrade on September 20th, an issue was brought to our attention regarding the preferred sort functionality in Enterprise.  Preferred sort is where the items your library owns are “sorted” to the top of the item details list.  SirsiDynix assigned JIRA:DSC-9506 to this bug on October 4th and we will prioritize…

Enterprise Intermittent Searching Issues

Greetings SEO Members, We are aware of an issue in Enterprise that is causing intermittent searching problems.  When performing a search, Enterprise may return zero results and then 10 minutes later, it will work as normal. SirsiDynix is aware of the issue and currently investigating the root cause and resolution. Regards, Your SEO Team

BLUEcloud Products Service Disruption – UPDATE

Greetings SEO Members, BCMobile and related products (Click & Collect & Self-Service) is currently still not available and the service disruption is being investigated by SirsiDynix and Solus. BLUEcloud Analytics is back online. Thanks again to everyone for reporting these outages. Best Regards, Your SEO Team

Welcome to the Hurt / Battelle Public Library – HUR !

Greetings, The SEO Team would like to Welcome the Hurt / Battelle Public Library to the SEO Consortium! They will begin circulating on the system Thursday, September 16th, 2021 Their holdings will appear on the system but will not be available for consortium members’ requests until later in the year. However, you may start receiving requests…

BLUEcloud Products Service Disruption

Greetings SEO Members, There is currently a service disruption in the BLUEcloud products that SirsiDynix is aware of and is working diligently to get resolved.  This includes the following Symphony services: BLUEcloud Analytics BCMobile (SEO Libraries App) BCMobile Click & Collect BCMobile Self-Service Thanks to everyone who reported this outage and we will update everyone…